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about learning, work, and play

The Tiny Deliberate Practice of the Quiz Game

Quiz games offer players a chance at deliberate practice on a particular, small, tightly-bound skill.

On Being an "Un-Opinionated" Developer

Having a bunch of tools that I know and can wield allows me to continually say "Yes, and..."

Ideas on Effective Simulations

Online learning is about making simulations. We should be making effective ones.

What are the Stress Cases in LX Design?

Reposition "edge cases" as "stress cases": those cases that will break our system, those imperfect users having imperfect days who need to access what we've built.

What I'm Learning from my Open Source Contributing Experience

Here are three things I've learned contributing to an open source project.

Steal this Idea: Push and Pull Systems

In serving internal customers, why can't we we think of ourselves as a creative consultancy and consistently create and release high quality content that is relevant and useful to our clients?

Blunt Force Learning

For most things, but perhaps especially technical skills, I like to apply a blunt force learning approach.

Useful Atrophy: Breadth vs Depth

An admission that, to make a career shift, we do have to let some things go. And that's okay.

Uniqueness is Not a Goal

We should never forget that our ultimate goal is not to create something new or unique or never-seen-before.

What if the First Year of College was more like Job Onboarding?

What if that first year of college, or at least the first semester, was treated more like a great onboarding program? What might that look like?

Kingdom Hearts and Game Design That Works for Me

Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite video game series ever. A lot of that has to do with that delicate balance that keeps players at the desirable level of difficulty. What can learning design learn from this?