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Kristinis learning


Jazzy and Dashwood (dogs)
I don't have a headshot, so here are my dogs, Dashwood and Jazzy. Sometimes they help (but mostly, they don’t).

Can you remember the first online course you ever took? Well, I can remember the first one I ever made and it was awful.

At the time, I didn’t have the vocabulary to describe what was going wrong. In following my curiosity, I fell into learning experience design. But since the very beginning, I’ve been fascinated by the tech and development side of that work.

I started teaching myself web development so that I could create learning experiences that went beyond what typical WYSIWYG elearning tools allowed. During my career, I’ve created HTML5 games, progressive web apps, and even training simulations using tools such as PhaserJS, React, NextJS, and AWS tools such as Lambda, Translate, and Step Functions. That journey culminated in my first official front-end engineer role in 2021.

I’m currently a front-end engineer building experiences with AmazonSmile. In my personal work, I focus on combining learning and web development into work you can play: gameful, story-driven experiences that promote inclusion, diversity, equity, and help people learn interesting stuff.