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What I did This Weekend

In: Weekend Project

I declared 2015 my Year of the Project. So far, this has served me exceedingly well. Just about every week, I’ve either completed a small project or worked towards a larger project. It’s been fun, informative, and it’s helped me build my skills. I’m looking forward to continuing to improve the rest of the year.

My projects

But I’ve noticed that, perhaps especially when you enjoy the work, it’s really really easy to edge ever closer towards burnout.

snoring brain
So this weekend, I didn't do **_Anything._**
skyrim monster on the computer monitor
Which, for me, means playing video games.
Me thinking I should be working
I definitely felt a bit guilty for not working on something.
clock ticking away
But the bottom line is, sometimes, I need the time off.
low squats to be stronger
So I can come back stronger to everything I do.
Reading a book
And that's worth not getting work done every once in a while.