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Weeknotes 10/9

In: Showing my WorkWeeknotes

Here’s an idea I stole from Doug Belshaw: end of the week notes. Especially as I value making stuff, so highly, it seems sensible to recap my making efforts every week, and get further insight into what I’m doing. So, here goes! This week, I’ve been:

  • Writing and shipping a new eBook: Go Design Something. Intended for other instructional design newbies who want some practical steps to creating a great portfolio.
  • Creating Issue 12 of the Go Design Something newsletter. It’s been 3 months since my last issue! I redesigned it a bit to be more visual. I’d love some feedback on if it’s useful to you. You can subscribe in the sidebar if you’re interested.
  • Planning for a podcast. I’ve been listening to a lot of great podcasts lately. There aren’t many instructional design-specific options out there. I was thinking either a interview style, like Code Newbies or a short monologue style. Maybe a mix of both would be best?
  • Settling in to a new job. I got a new job at the University of Texas! I’m super excited. There are a lot of interesting projects on the horizon and I’m already getting the chance to integrate some of my front-end development skills to create an interactive data viz on student journeys.