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I didn’t spend nearly as long as I should have liked to on my GDS Challenge this week, between my volunteer project and other things. But I think I have a good feel for where it’s going.

Travelly course demo functionality

Look and Feel

I’m channeling London Underground and subway maps in general for this challenge. Right now, my color palette is a little more neon than London’s but I like how hip the bright colors feel.


I was greatly inspired by Tim Slade’s Trivia Adventure and the way he used a map as central navigation. I think that conceit will work well in this course.


I’ve mapped out (pun totally intended) 4 interactive challenges: locating top London attractions, identifying the best ways to get around London, noting where Travelly hosts are in London, and a final challenge of putting it all together. Allen Interactions’ Expedia demo was a huge inspiration here. I want to make sure that the course focuses on practicing important skills and, at least in the later challenges, on intrinsic feedback.