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Inspiration: Storytelling with Photos and Audio

In: Design

From time to time I collect examples of elearning that I think are really neat. In these inspiration posts, I explore what exactly I like about them.

History is one of those subjects where it can sometimes be a little difficult to see how you can create engaging pieces. As I seek to continue to update my portfolio with a variety of different projects across the spectrum of academia, private industry, and the public sector. Now there are a lot of interesting things that can be done, specifically with maps and journeys, but often times, these are multi-media heavy projects that require the right graphics and a lot of thinking and working before you end up with something as slick as you want. Because of that, it’s always a breath of fresh air to see something relatively simple be so effective. Vimeo user Scott Calonico created several different videos in which he used audio conversations (from presidential phone calls), text, and photos, and some video to create incredibly engaging stories that highlight intimate moments in presidential decision making. I love his approach. They’ve been masterfully edited with wonderful music, font-choices, and cuts. Still the concepts involved are relatively simple and could be used by just about anyone looking to liven up some audio, be it from literature or history, and begin to tell a story.