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#DearID: Livestreaming

In: Dear ID Show

In this episode, I make an argument for adding livestreaming to your toolbox to show and share your work without the commitment of a regular blog or podcast, but also staving off the isolation that can come with engaging in deep work. I’m reading more and more around doing effective work, being in flow, and being productive and all of that suggests that all of these shallow attention-pulls like social media and phone apps, etc. should be shunned (for the most part) in favor of getting things done. For the last several weeks, I’ve almost completely shut myself off from email and social and I feel awesome… though a little disconnected. But as the best of these productivity gurus will also admit, we are expected to give some attention to this kind of shallow work. How can you find the balance between doing work and sharing that work? I think livestreaming might help.

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