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#DearID Interview with Joseph Suarez

In: Dear ID ShowDesign

In this episode, I sit down with Joseph Suarez, a really awesome and excellent instructional veteran of 10 years, who I met on the instructional design subreddit. Joseph talks with us about how his toolset has enabled him to create some award-winning learning experiences and the importance of continuing to learn. Loved this conversation with Joseph! We touched on so many things important to a good development process. Joseph also has some amazing insights on developing your own skill set over time and keeping up with ever changing technologies.

Please be sure to check out the link on the show page: It includes a link to a recent DemoFest presentation from Joseph and his teammate on the Albert app he mentions during the conversation (must register). Also don’t forget to reach out to Joseph on Twitter to continue the conversation. And leave a rating and review for the show on iTunes! Simply open up iTunes on your computer and search for Dear Instructional Designer or open up the iOS Podcasting app on your phone and tap the podcast image. I’d really appreciate your feedback. Season 2 is winding down!