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#DearID: Interview with Cara North

In: Dear ID Show

In this episode, I sit down with Cara North, instructional designer at a major state university. Cara talks to us about how she uses the LMS at her institution, paying attention to your technology needs, and finding the right tool for the job. Cara’s official title is program specialist and, in her current role, wears many hats”instructional designer, training facilitator, and, interestingly, LMS administrator.  Now most of you out there may have frequent contact with your organization’s learning management system, but, honestly, not all of us go very deep in the weeds. Cara shares with us how she’s using the LMS in her organization.

Make sure to reach out to Cara and show her some love for sharing her experience with us. She’s @caranorth11 As always, you can find more shownotes, including the link to Cara’s upcoming session on the show page: If you’ve got a little more time, I’d love it if you’d leave a review on iTunes. Find out how here:“,