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#DearID: Interview with Alyssa Gomez

In: Dear ID Show

This one is for all of you Instructional Design subredditors who are teachers looking to break into instructional design.  Listen in to get the scoop on an alternative journey from teacher to instructional designer. Today I sit down with Alyssa Gomez, teacher turned ID, who is currently at work within the professional development department within her school district. Alyssa offers some great insight on her journey and how other teachers looking to increase their reach can look within the district as a first step to breaking out and into ID.

Be sure to thank Alyssa for sharing her experience with us. She’s on Twitter here: and her personal website is here: As always, shownotes are on the podcast page: Just a quick reminder, DearID Season 1 is almost over (only two more episodes to go!) Let me know what you’re thinking about the show, by leaving a review on iTunes.