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Dear ID Show: Interview with Jed Esposito

In: Dear ID Show

This episode, I talk with Jed Esposito, an amazing ID I met in an ID social media group. He talks to us about making the transition from public industry to private industry and how to be the kind of ID who is known for getting stuff done. As regular readers of the blog know, I just recently found myself a new position in private industry and, while it’s been something I’ve been wanting to explore for a while, private industry seemed like a daunting leap from the public sector where I’d spent my entire career up to this point. Furthermore, every time I’d applied to private industry, I eventually got knocked out of the running because someone didn’t think I had the experience necessary to create learning experiences in their industry. Now I absolutely disagree that IDs need experience in the restaurant industry, for example, to do excellent work in the restaurant industry, but this can be a real barrier for IDs looking to move from one sector to another. In this episode, I talk with the amazingly talented Jed Esposito, an ID I met in a chat group. Jed successfully made the jump some years ago and talks with us about being the kind of ID who is known for getting stuff done.

As always, shownotes are on the show page: Jed’s a head down and work kinda guy, a deep work practitioner, but he does have a Twitter handle! Please do show him some love for all of the really incredible advice he shared with us. Find him here: