Sports Concussion Demo

While the comic book style isn’t appropriate for everything, it can be a very attractive option for creating engaging story with still pics and words. With some great inspiration from this and other ELH Challenges, I determined to try and use this storytelling option in the Medical demo challenge.

If you haven’t seen Broken CoWorker, go view it right now! It was one of those interactions that really inspired me to take instructional design creatively and focus on practicing all of the design competencies that make a project like that so transformative. One of the things that stayed with me about this particular design (besides the awesome graphic design in all versions) was the way it worked. I recently read some commentary by the designer and the developer and one quote that struck me as particularly relavant was:

We felt if you needed to scroll, you would be distracted from the story.

Ryan Martin

That focus on user experience is definitely one of the things that sets this module apart. I wanted to emulate this experience.

I developed this interaction using Storyline 2 and jQuery. It represents a model that could be used for a client-facing training for a sports clinic or physical therapy practice. The focus is on creating a memorable interaction that causes the learner to perk up and pay attention, even before delving into the learning content.

You can read more about my development process in the blog post.

Note that the demo isn’t complete but have fun, anyway!

Sports Concussion Demo