Hack ID: Resources for Instructional Designers

Learning how to do things on the web is technically getting easier and easier. There are millions upon millions of resources for people to take advantage of. And yet, many people choose to pay for courses on the dozens of platforms dedicated to elearning. Why? The answer is simple: even though there are tons of free resources, curating them into a learning plan that makes sense and actually works is much, much harder to do.

For a little while, I’ve been having conversations and ideas around what a free, online education for instructional designers might look like. Should it be asynchronous? Could it have portfolio projects and reviews? I drew inspiration from a variety of sites and courses that I’ve used to learn. But one thing became clear: it takes a village. I would need (or at least want very much) a team of others dedicated to creating a really awesome learning experience for ID newbies.

So, barring that, what could I do? In the spirit of starting small, I took inspiration from yet another website I’ve used and decided to begin by curating free educational resources for instructional designers. And thus, Hack ID was born! This open source project is hosted on Github and was built using Jekyll Bootstrap. I’m encouraging other IDs looking to get some portfolio work and experience to contribute!

Learn more about the project in my blog post!

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Hack ID

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