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GDS has had a long and storied history on this blog. For almost two years, I’ve had the niggling idea that I wanted to encourage and provide a community for other newbie IDs who were passionate about their work and wanted to practice. But, as I’ve written here before, we really only have one community of practice, which is run (extremely well) by a particular software vendor. That’s fine, but I dreamed of a place where IDs that used any and all software, including non-elearning specific tools could have a set of briefs from which to build a portfolio.

Well, I tried and failed and tried and failed and tried and failed to build that vision. But the idea wouldn’t let me go. So, as I’ve continued on my personal coding journey, thought, worked, and written more about portfolio building, and I’ve spoken to even more ID newbies, it seemed to me that a perfect blend of my skills and this idea would be to create a random project generator.

This site provides a short bit of context, audience, and deliverable ideas in project briefs across the spectrum of instructional design work that any ID can take and use to build their portfolio.

Learn more about the creation in my blog post!

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