I set out to make 2015 my Year of the Project and I’ve been following through by participating in monthly AWSM Prompts, a prompt project I started to give instructional designers of all types with any range of tools a way to experiment and practice with various design concepts and competencies. The March AWSM Prompt was to create a serious elearning game. I’ve had the edHeads Design a Cell Phone game in my Trello board of projects for a while now and so I decided to take on this project.

Over the course of about 2 weeks, I designed a game that puts users in the role of a product designer that needs to create a wearable to fit the needs of their target consumer: office workers looking to move more and get fit. Over the course of the game, the user can review research and design parameters, design and redesign the final product by choosing features that affect cost and battery life, and get feedback from a panel of testers. At the end, they have their product produced and get feedback with sales figures. Importantly, this game utilizes the CCAF framework to motivate users and provide a challenge and meaningful feedback.

Play the demo!