Death Investigation Online

Death Investigation Online was a course converted from one of the popular face-to-face courses into an asychronous online course using Moodle and Lectora Inspire. This course has become one of the most successful courses in the Public Safety and Security division, gaining 4,000 registrants within six months of its release.

During the development of this course, I was able to more fully realize some of the best-practices of course design. An overarching murder case with the participants as the death investigator put all of the lessons in context, allowing participants to apply their new knowledge to different case-related problems. Page-turning text slides were reduced in favor of a variety of interactive challenges. However, help remained available in the form of a contextual death investigation guide and cumulative field notes journal that kept tabs on the case. Feedback was also enhanced to make it intrinsic, offering realistic consequences for a user’s actions on the case.