Made with Adapt

The Adapt Learning Framework caught my attention as soon as I heard about it. This open source, responsive framework works on the concept of modularity, uses contemporary design patterns, and is fully responsive. What got me excited primarily (besides it’s being open source!) was here was an elearning authoring tool that actually generated good, well-formed code AND that you could touch and alter and work with in very deep ways. Unlike so many other authoring tool options, I can control every facet of my Adapt course. I was very eager to get my hands on it and create something.

So, I made some time to install the framework version of the tool and created an employee onboarding course for a (fictional) bespoke bicycle company. Inspired by the amazing work of the folks at Sponge UK, I also included a mini-game in Phaser JS to test employee knowledge. I wrote a little about my process in a blog post. I also talked more about the process in my podcast, Dear ID, episode 24.

I loved working with this tool! In fact, if you’re looking to create courses with a different feel and real responsiveness, shoot me an email!

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Column and Veil Bikes

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