Travelly Call Center Training

For the first, redesigned GDS Challenge, I tried to revamp the demo challenge process by giving participants more information about training target audience and goals. The May challenge consisted of creating some call-center training for a fictional peer-to-peer vacation housing company, Travelly.

After some serious struggles, I was finally able to come up with a demo I liked. Heavily inspired by the amazing Allen Interactions Expedia demo, I aimed to create an interactive training that asked Travelly call center agents to expand their skills and the company’s bottom line by beginning to help participants plan more of their trip than just booking a place to stay. In scaffolded activities that go from practice with immediate feedback to a final challenge with delayed feedback, agents are prompted to listen to the customer needs, learn a little more about some of the most popular attractions in London, and get a feel for the types of tools they might use to help them help the guests.

Learn a little more about my process in the blog.

And check out the demo below!

Click on the image to view the demo