Business Foundations Online

We had a problem. Our business school were clamoring to have more control over a suite of courses they had created for undergraduates, so we were tasked to help their third-party contractor move those courses from a customized instance of Moodle into Canvas. And the Learning Science team was tasked with being the people who could help to supervise this and provide support. What we actually ended up doing was problem solving.

One of the major things that we ran into time and again was the fact that Moodle had a ton of built-in functionality that Canvas lacked: accordions, the ability to easily insert JavaScript for solutions, branching activities, the ability to show survey results in the form of a graph as well as have a video, image carousels… The list goes on. Using a variety of tools, including my development of several JavaScript and CSS solutions, we were eventually able to create Canvas courses that met the instructors’ expectations for functionality while also offering them the access they needed to take full control of their courses.

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