Engaging Animated Video in PowerPoint

In the process of interviewing for a position, I had a conversation with another instructional designer about the microlearning video she creates for her organization. From what I understood, the pace of work there meant that, for the most part, what they ended up doing was simply narrating bulleted PowerPoint slides and recording that with Camtasia. That got the old wheels turning as I asked myself, “How would I seek to improve on a product like that?”

My answer came just a few days later when I came across a great but simply animated video called Kitty Communication. I wrote a post on how I thought that that’s video animation style served as an excellent example of the sort of thing we as LX designers could create to craft a more engaging experience, even for an informational/product knowledge video. But, of course, that wasn’t enough. I needed to prove that it could actually be done. So, naturally, I took to PowerPoint myself to create a product knowledge series intro video for my very own (fake) product, the Fit.o.poly wearable!

This video demonstrates my approach to taking a rapid microlearning creation process to the next level with conversational narration and animation.

Learn more about my process in the blog post.