2.5D/Parallax Effect

During my tenure at TEEX, I pioneered the creation of course trailers as marketing materials for our online courses. Generally, I’ve found that Camtasia has been an excellent tool. However, there have been times when all I had available to me were photographs instead of video. While photographs have been used very effectively in many forms of storytelling, like a Ken Burns documentary, the right amount of movement remains essential to creating engaging video. Panning and zooming can be quite effective but when I discovered the World Wildlife Fund video created by Joe Fellows, I knew that I had stumbled onto an even better technique.

As Joe describes in his wonderful “working out loud” video with The Creators Project, the Parallax or 2.5D technique involves separating a photograph into layers and showing them in 3D space. I took to After Effects to try out this wonderful technique with (I think) pretty great results.

You can learn more about my process in the blog post.