FIVS123: The BAC Is Right

Project: FIVS123 Introduction to Forensics

Client: TEEX for Texas A&M University

Tool: Lectora Inspire

Project Description

FIVS123 Introduction to Forensics is a synchronous online course in development for Texas A&M University students by TEEX. I concentrated on using Moodle LMS to its full capacity, integrating Moodle Lessons and activities with HTML and SCORM activities created in Lectora.

The BAC is Right is one of a series of game-like activities that allow students to practice calculating the blood alcohol content (BAC) for people of various genders and weights. This activity was built using a scaffolding technique: students begin with a step-by-step guide through the equation, then try it out with feedback, then completely on their own.

Intro screen for the BAC is Right activity

Scaffolding activity for Edward in The BAC is Right