Edibles Digital Magazines

Project: Creating an Interactive Magazine

Client: None

Tool: Articulate Storyline 2

Project Description

In response to ELH Challenge #58, I created Edibles, a pretty-slick digital magazine, using Storyline 2. This challenge is one that I am particularly proud of because it showcases that often hidden information design option. As I have continued to learn about all of the different mediums that might be employed in an online learning environment, one of the things that haunted me, at first, was the sometimes necessary task of just presenting a bunch of information. And as I searched around on how people tried to take this type of task and make it more engaging, I stumbled across the concept of information design. I say “stumbled.” Of course I’d seen and enjoyed information design pieces, such as infographics,  interactive infographics, and really cool maps and signage before, but it was never an idea that I had connected to online learning. What if sometimes, the answer to an information challenge isn’t trying to create an elearning course. What if the answer is to create a smooth, enjoyable, and engaging information design piece? Perhaps, for example, a digital magazine to be shared with employees or customers to relate some important information. Perhaps a slidedoc to expand on a topic of interest.

Edibles is a food magazine demo, complete with beautiful food images and food-based lorem ipsum text. I wanted to showcase the different types of interactions that would be possible in this type of environment, including video, image pop-ups, text pop-ups, as well as imitate many of the navigation elements available in real digital magazines. The demo earned me a spot on the Articulate E-Learning Examples page!

Read more about my design process and things I learned by showing my work during the creating of this piece. Click on the photo below to view the demo!

Edibles Demo