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The DearID Show: Interview with Ido Abramovich

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Listen in on my conversation with Ido Abramovich, a technical trainer turned training business owner in Israel. Ido gives us insight into his growing training business, where he’s made the move from full time employee to entrepreneur with a business partner and employees.

Ido shares insight into the business model he’s adopted, this idea of Training as a Service that he uses to help lessen the risk for clients, his development stack, and his general thoughts on what it takes to run and grow a business in a niche market.

Remember to show Ido some love for sharing his journey with us. He’s on Twitter: @idoabra

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  1. August 4, 2016 - Reply

    Thank you Kristin for the opportunity to speak, it was a pleasure.
    Is there any follow up you’d like to discuss here?

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