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Steal this Idea: Create a Visual Language for your Team

I just started my new job and it’s already time to think about performance goals! I have to say that these are probably the best goals I’ve ever come up with. They involve experimenting with the xAPI (via the design cohort); creating a relationship with another department (one that is more customer-facing, and could provide more insight into what our customers need from us in terms of learning experiences); and creating a visual language for our team.

But what does it mean to create a visual language?

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What I did This Weekend

I declared 2015 my Year of the Project. So far, this has served me exceedingly well. Just about every week, I’ve either completed a small project or worked towards a larger project. It’s been fun, informative, and it’s helped me build my skills. I’m looking forward to continuing to improve the rest of the year. But I’ve noticed that, perhaps especially when you enjoy the work, it’s really really easy to edge ever closer towards burnout.


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Making it Visual: Twitter Draw-a-Thon and Takeaways

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have been treated (or tortured?) with my submissions for Blair Rorani’s really fun Twitter draw-a-thon #everybodydrawnow, that he hosted as a promo for his ebook. It was a great promotion and I plan to buy the book myself. But I also took away some great lessons during the process.

I Can’t Draw

Honestly, that’s what I’ve thought all my life. As I may have mentioned before, before grad school, I never even thought of myself as a visual person. I always thought that all I could work with was words. But since that time, I’ve developed a stronger and stronger growth mindset. With a few exceptions, I’m starting to see that with some time and practice, I can learn to do just about anything, and that includes making a passable drawing. This draw-a-thon ignited my desire to delve further into drawing and develop my abilities.

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