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Making it Visual: Twitter Draw-a-Thon and Takeaways

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have been treated (or tortured?) with my submissions for Blair Rorani’s really fun Twitter draw-a-thon #everybodydrawnow, that he hosted as a promo for his ebook. It was a great promotion and I plan to buy the book myself. But I also took away some great lessons during the process.

I Can’t Draw

Honestly, that’s what I’ve thought all my life. As I may have mentioned before, before grad school, I never even thought of myself as a visual person. I always thought that all I could work with was words. But since that time, I’ve developed a stronger and stronger growth mindset. With a few exceptions, I’m starting to see that with some time and practice, I can learn to do just about anything, and that includes making a passable drawing. This draw-a-thon ignited my desire to delve further into drawing and develop my abilities.

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