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Towards a Model for Professional Development

I just started reading Cathy Moore’s Map It (great, clear writing! enjoying it so far) and I started thinking about the problems I’ve been having so far with helping to create good professional development experiences. I’ve spent a large part of my ID career (nearly every job, in fact) working for organizations that want to create and sell PD courses for people in a particular profession. Previously, I’ve been using a sort of bastardized version of action mapping along with SAM to try and get work done, but lately, I’ve been frustrated because my processes don’t seem to be turning out the quality product that I’m happy with. I pinged Cathy on Twitter and she sent me to her Action Mapping interactive to check if action mapping would work for my current client, which I took and received a “maybe”.

So, right now, I’m at a point where I’m looking for a model, a structure, a repeatable process that works for orgs that create professional development to sell. I don’t know the right answer, but I’m doing my thinking out loud.

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Slowing Down to Go Faster: Year of the Project Mid-Year Review

I’ve been on hiatus for the last couple of weeks, spending my evenings and weekends playing Banished waaaaaay too much. (It’s all fun and games until a tornado wipes out half your town). Though I’ve been resting my brain, I’ve also been taking some time to think more about my “Year of the Project” and where it’s taking me.

So far this year, I’ve written 55 blog posts (pretty consistently at 2 a week) and shipped 15 side projects, which is pretty mind-blowing actually. I had no idea I had done so much in 8 months!

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