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GDS Challenge No. 2: Zombie Acme U

Phew. This was one of the toughest projects I’ve worked on in a while, mostly due to trying to learn enough about Construct 2 to make something passable. It’s nowhere near as polished as I’d like but I already knew that the challenges involved in this one would likely mean creating a proof-of-concept more than a finished module.

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Acme U In Progress

Let me begin by saying that, on my honor, I had no intention of including zombies or undead of any description in my GDS Challenge demo this month. In fact, I had a completely different concept in mind (think 1940’s style educational film. Yes, it would have been awesome, but I’m saving it for another day). However, when I stumbled upon this interesting idea by Articulate power user Zsolt Olah, I thought it would be a great excuse opportunity to actually use one of those game design programs I’d downloaded and try to embed a game in a Storyline course. And as I already had some great zombie-themed game art from a previous ELH Challenge, one thing led to another and… zombies.

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