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12 Things You Can Do with Lectora and Code

I presented at my organizations quarterly Lectora brownbag luncheon this week on using Lectora and code (HTML/CSS/and JavaScript). It was a lot of fun preparing and I believe (hope!) that everyone found it useful. I wanted to post the presentation here as a demo of the types of things I have done and hope to do with code in Lectora.

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My First Twine Story!

The journey to this point was not an easy one, let me tell you.

Up until my mid-twenties, I always considered myself a writer and never, ever thought I’d have anything to do with visual design. (I was supposed to be an English professor!) But after going to grad school and re-discovering coding, web design, and, along with that, graphic design, many of my volunteer and professional positions have focused on those skills. To the detriment of my previous constant writing and reading habit. Completely my fault, of course. And as I’ve delved more into creating a growth mindset around myself and my skills (or lack of, as the case may be) I’ve really wanted to get back into writing. So, for the longest time, I’ve been wanting to write a Twine game.

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Things Your Instructional Designer Never Wants to Hear

This week’s challenge was meant to be fun and light but leave it to yours truly to make it heavy. I really wanted to try out my new CSS animation skills with this one. On, the whole, it works okay but there’s probably more that can be done, particularly with aesthetics. One of the biggest issues was trying to make it work in Firefox. In hindsight, I used the Animation Cheat Sheet, but I probably should have used Animate.css for more cross-browser compatibility.

Anyway, if you have Chrome, I suggest you use it for this one! (It works okay in Firefox) And whatever you do, don’t use Internet Explorer!

For better or worse, check out my list.

Things instructional designers never want to hear


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