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Stuff I Like: Will You Fit into Deloitte

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Have you seen this video? If not, stop what your doing and go watch it. I’ll wait…

Will You Fit into Deloitte?

Awesome, right!  Now, you’ve probably seen video interactions before but I am madly in love with this one for a few reasons.

Onboarding, anyone?

There’s often a lot of talk about how to make onboarding more interesting and engaging for new employees. I’d say this interaction is a step in the right direction. Heck, even before the onboarding process, imagine this video on a company career page as a way to introduce prospective employees to the core values of the organization.

Short and Super Sweet!

This video was on point at every point. The scenes were short and funny but the questions and responses had meaning behind them. I don’t think anyone would see this as a waste of time (and if they did, maybe they would realize that they weren’t the best fit for the organization). I love that the answers that fit with company values were highlighted. I loved even more that you got the chance to try again (I really screwed up on the birthday present) and while you got great feedback on your choices, you weren’t berated for not fitting in. You got the chance to start over and really learn the core values.

What a wonderful opportunity to learn how to make good interactive video. The lessons for onboarding, mobile learning, and just plain old good video production are priceless.


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