What If Ideas

Why My Ideas are Not for Everybody

Long time readers of this blog may know that I’ve tried and failed to create instructional design communities a few times. And, as we’ll examine in a future post, the Dear Instructional Designer show, has a solid base (thanks to all the listeners!) but we’ll probably never be a huge smash hit on the iTunes store. And a recent episode of the Accidental Creative podcast helped me make peace with why.

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Steal this Idea: Create a Visual Language for your Team

I just started my new job and it’s already time to think about performance goals! I have to say that these are probably the best goals I’ve ever come up with. They involve experimenting with the xAPI (via the design cohort); creating a relationship with another department (one that is more customer-facing, and could provide more insight into what our customers need from us in terms of learning experiences); and creating a visual language for our team.

But what does it mean to create a visual language?

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