Weekend Project

Tetris JS: My first JavaScript Side Project

This weekend, I took some time to work through a really well-built tutorial on remaking tetris using JavaScript and jQuery by Chikei Chan .

Check out the demo!

At first, I was concerned that it would just be me copying out the code he wrote, but he very cleverly set some challenges for the reader to do on their own. I was also able to make some slight modifications using things I learned elsewhere.

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What I did This Weekend

I declared 2015 my Year of the Project. So far, this has served me exceedingly well. Just about every week, I’ve either completed a small project or worked towards a larger project. It’s been fun, informative, and it’s helped me build my skills. I’m looking forward to continuing to improve the rest of the year. But I’ve noticed that, perhaps especially when you enjoy the work, it’s really really easy to edge ever closer towards burnout.


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Weekend Project and ELH Challenge: Parallax Effect and Subtle Motion

About a week ago, I came across an article showing an amazing video for the World Wildlife Fund made entirely of still images that had been brought to life with subtle movement. I loved the effect and decided that I wanted to experiment with this myself.

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