GDS Challenge

Go Design Something: The Final Incarnation?

As readers of this blog may know, my Go Design Something idea has a long and storied history. It began life as AWSMPrompts, way back in February of 2015. I took some feedback on making the prompts more specific and tried again with Go Design with much more specific challenges. I tried that from May to December, but I still didn’t get much traction. Then, I got super inspired and tried to emulate a great brief site for designers (not IDs) called BriefBox in July of this year. And I got a cease and desist letter. So… I wasn’t sure what to do.

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Go Design Something Challenges

So, I tried to theme WordPress for the first time taking my inspiration from the super awesome And I ended up building a clone, intending to try and differentiate it over time. But, as happens, Orca, the company behind Briefbox, asked me to take it down for copyright infringement. So I did. Which leaves me in a quandry.

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Free Code Camp Calculator

WOOT!!! After about 20 hours worth of work (and several weeks worth of having to put it off), I am excited to say that my February design challenge: a JavaScript calculator is finally done! I used jQuery and the BigNumber JS library to make it all happen.

If you’ve read any of my previous FCC project write ups, you already know it wasn’t all roses and wedding cake. Let me give a quick summary of some of the major issues I grappled with.

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