On Being an “Un-Opinionated” Developer

I was on TLDC Chat (a great community, if you’re looking for someplace to get involved with some L&D folks!) a little earlier this month and one of the things that we discussed briefly was an idea that’s been running in my head for a bit: being an un-opinionated learning experience developer. I wanted to delve into that a bit more here.

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Hosting H5P Content On Your Own

I’ve talked some about H5P, a robust free and open-source toolset for creating various kinds of elearning interactives. I’m using it a ton currently in client projects, particularly for interactive video. But as you might know from your own experience, sustainability is super important. How might your clients edit this thing once you move on? How can they have control over it? In this post, I’ll talk about how you can host H5P content yourself.

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