Elearning Heroes Challenge

ELH Challenge 77: Emoji For the Win

Full disclosure: this was another challenge I wasn’t sure I was going to participate in. But then I saw the great Emoji Dick conversation video that David put up as an example and once again, I though, “I’m in.” I’ve been listening to the Build and Launch podcast a lot lately (check it out if you get a chance) and I’ve been super excited about creating and shipping (in the product people lingo) a new site I’m calling Go Design Something. I want to create another space where instructional designers of all stripes can be challenged to make things. I plan to begin podcasting as well as creating some elearning of my own with lessons on integrating coding and elearning authoring tools.

Sign up to be notified once I launch the site: http://godesignsomething.co/

[Shameless plug over.]

Anywhoodle, I started to see this as an opportunity to extend last week’s animation challenge and to talk a bit about why I think making is so important for instructional designers.

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ELH Challenge #76: Educational Animations

Fresh off the heels of building my March AWSM Prompt submission, Fit.o.poly, I saw the newest ELH Challenge and knew I needed to jump back in. I’ve been really impressed with the breadth of submissions for this one. It’s been great to see animation in After Effects (which have inspired me to go back and update Rae in Fit.o.poly when I have some downtime), earth sciences, and math because it really stretched my ideas about where animations can be useful. Even if you aren’t participating, I’d say that this was one of those challenges to bookmark for inspiration later.

Time in development: About 4 hours

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Weekend Project and ELH Challenge: Parallax Effect and Subtle Motion

About a week ago, I came across an article showing an amazing video for the World Wildlife Fund made entirely of still images that had been brought to life with subtle movement. I loved the effect and decided that I wanted to experiment with this myself.

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