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Copywork: A Forgotten Writing Practice

I can’t believe October is almost gone! No game shipped this month, so I could concentrate on the Torrance Learning xAPI cohort (see my previous two posts here and here for updates on my experiments). But, very soon, after finishing a Simon game for Free Code Camp, I’d like to embark on an interactive fiction project using Twine (which ties in very nicely to this week’s DearID show so listen in!). But I haven’t written in AGES!

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Why My Ideas are Not for Everybody

Long time readers of this blog may know that I’ve tried and failed to create instructional design communities a few times. And, as we’ll examine in a future post, the Dear Instructional Designer show, has a solid base (thanks to all the listeners!) but we’ll probably never be a huge smash hit on the iTunes store. And a recent episode of the Accidental Creative podcast helped me make peace with why.

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Patterns in Learning Experience Design

So I recently read this interesting article about content and display patterns in web design: The upshot of the article is these important bullet points:

  • In his excellent book Modular Web Design, Nathan Curtis defines a pattern as “a solution to a recurring design problem, such that you could use the solution many times and never use it in the same way twice.”
  • A Content pattern describes the types of elements within and can be rendered in multiple forms.
  • A Display pattern describes a specific rendering and can be applied to multiple types of Content patterns.
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