AWSM Prompts

Articulate vs. Lectora: Insight into Variables

As I announced a bit ago, I’m hard at work on my entry for the March AWSM Prompt using Articulate Storyline 2. I’m having to simplify just a bit but I’m hopeful that I can have a final version out by the beginning of April. Last night, I was working on a particularly variable-heavy section of the project. Now, I use Lectora 12 during the day (in my cover as a mild-mannered instructional designer) and I couldn’t help but notice some striking differences between the way these two programs handle variables.

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AWSM Prompt 2: In Progress

For this month’s AWSM Prompt, I am creating a game-based module, based on the really cool EdHeads Design a Cell Phone game. I didn’t realize that March had advanced so far! I hope I can finish it before the month is up.

I hope to add an animation of the main avatar, Rae, using After Effects so that she can move her mouth and shuffle a bit. Enjoy this GIF while I continue designing.

What are you designing this month?

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The Netflix of eLearning: WebLRN

As I continue on my personal instructional design journey, I consider it very important to continue to experiment with tools, technologies, and ideas. One of the ideas that caught my attention this past January was the idea of a Netflix of eLearning. I shared that idea with the AWSMPrompts community and I decided to prototype an idea myself. What I came up with was WebLRN.

The Prototype

Take a look at the prototype, built using Bootstrap and some awesome other resources (check the Credits page on the prototype site). Then come back here and take a gander at the design thinking behind it all.

Click the image to look at the WebLRN prototype.

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