About Me

This is Me

I’m Kristin. I’m a learning experience (LX) designer. I’m an avid experimenter and I try to always have a project in mind. I’m always looking for ways to practice my creativity and design, including graphic design, game design, and elearning. I like to keep a look out for inspiration on Twitter and Pinterest.

I like rain, quiet, indie music, and mystery television shows (I’m looking at you Poirot!). When I’m not designing awesome things, you can find me walking my dogs or practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu.

This is Jazzy

She doesn’t do much design but she keeps me in line by forcing me to go out for walks and demanding regular belly rubs. She only has one eye (she had it out just days before I adopted her) but that doesn’t affect her ability to be the cutest puppy ever.

Super powers include hearing food of any kind from a mile away and an unfailing internal clock when it comes to time for food and medicine.


I’m one of those lifelong learner types. And I’ve completed the Front End Developer Track with Treehouse (2015). I’ve also completed the Front End certificate with Free Code Camp. I look forward to completing the Data Visualization certificate with Free Code Camp in 2017.